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For my birthday, my husband gave me six months of coaching with 丽莎. When I began the program, I was recovering from significant health problems, and had just fully detoxed my body from harmful medications I had been on.

This is where 丽莎 entered my life ~ to guide and support me with staying on a healthy path. I learned so much from 丽莎 and received many easy and delicious recipes to keep me eating healthfully, including learning how to decipher food labels. My husband also now eats clean, organic foods without complaint! In fact, he often asks me to prepare recipes from 丽莎’s Eat Whole, Live Happy Cookbook, which have become his favorites. Her recipes are quick and easy, which deserves a thumbs-up in my opinion.

丽莎 not only assisted me with my food journey, but also guided me on a pathway to self-discovery. One of the biggest takeaways during my program was the practice of being kinder to myself without negative self judgment. The positive results I received in all areas of my life have been amazing.

I highly recommend coaching with 丽莎 to become an all-around better you.

〜Terri C –中加利福尼亚海岸



“与Lisa一起工作了六个月后,我知道自己可以选择有意识地生活,因此感觉好多了。过去,我常常感到无能为力,好像我的饮食习惯是自动驾驶仪一样。现在,我可以将自己选择的食物与对自己和他人的整体感觉联系起来。当我发现自己陷入困境时,我可以尽快退后一步,进行更改。现在’赋予权力!我正经历着更多的精力,更少的渴望,对我的选择及其对我的情绪的影响的意识也有所提高。 谢谢丽莎帮助我学会尊重自己。”
〜加利福尼亚州阿罗约格兰德市的Karlie R.

“Lisa’上课很鼓舞人心。她为我们的社区提供了许多食谱以及当地资源’s freshest, best food. I loved the hands-on aspect of the class. We cooked and discussed ingredients as well as how best to use appliances such as a crock pot for fresh, quality menus for a busy family. Her class was nourishing for the mind as well as the body. We discussed ways to feed the spirit and its equal importance to feeding the body. I came away from the class with a renewed joy for pursuing health on all of its many levels. Thank you, 丽莎!”
〜加利福尼亚州阿罗约格兰德,Dena U.

“在开始与Lisa合作之前,我对今天提供的所有营养和福彩3d论坛信息感到不知所措。试图破译密码是令人恐惧和困惑的。 食品行业使用的词汇。自从开始与Lisa合作以来,我对阅读和理解食品标签和食品行业的能力感到更加充满力量和信心。作为妈妈,我担心孩子们在吃什么。丽莎(Lisa)教我如何以一种有趣的方式将孩子们纳入食物制备过程。我和14岁的我与丽莎(Lisa)进行了私人会谈,我们俩都受到启发,希望使用我们花园里的新鲜食材在厨房里创造更福彩3d论坛的食物。丽莎以安全,鼓励和接受的方式进行教学。她是一名支持福彩3d论坛的教练和老师。”
〜Tawny J.,加利福尼亚州伍德兰

“我很高兴参加丽莎 ’的烹饪系列。她以吸引人和激励人的方式融合了自己的知识和热情。我和我的同学们都期待着每周有新的想法和她惊人食谱的样品。她简单易用的想法已成为我们家庭的主食。她对个人福祉的关注以及与我们所吃食物的类型和质量之间的关系令人发指,并改变了我选择和准备食物的方式。我强烈推荐她的课程给任何希望对其饮食习惯做出有益,轻松和美味改变的人。”
〜加利福尼亚州洛斯奥索斯(Los Osos)的吉拉(Gila Z.)

“I was very fortunate to take 丽莎’s class on juicing and blending. I learned so much in one day. 丽莎 produced some of the most gorgeous and vibrant looking juices and smoothies I had ever seen. And they were very tasty and satisfying! 丽莎 is an excellent and very knowledgeable health and wellness teacher. After having one class with her, I believe she has so much to offer anyone who wishes to learn about overall health and nutrition. And as a mom, I know she can benefit other moms who want to bring healthy lifestyle changes to their families.”

“I have an education in nutrition, so I know what I should be eating, but I needed some encouragement and inspiration. 丽莎’s class exceeded my expectations! Not only did I learn new things, but I was really motivated by everything 丽莎 shared and used in the class, from the beautiful fresh, local produce, to the yummy raw chocolate and homemade almond milk. My juicer is working overtime, and I am feeling better than I have in years as a result!”
〜Deborah E.,阿维拉海滩,加利福尼亚

“I can’我刚刚参加的“辐射福彩3d论坛混合与榨汁”课程还没讲完!它既有趣,信息丰富又鼓舞人心。丽莎是一位耐心,知识渊博,热情的老师。我长期以来一直是厨师和果汁搅拌的狂热爱好者,所以最令我惊讶的是所有食物的口味。食谱太好了,与我以前放在一起的陈旧的食材组合大不相同。课后,白天和夜晚,我们吃的所有奇妙的事物使我精力充沛。唐’不要错过这次奇妙的一对一学习体验的机会。”

福彩3d论坛的绿色冰沙对我来说是一笔巨大的教育奖励。我现在非常有动力尝试将绿色奶昔和果汁加入我的家人中’的例行程序。这是我最终为家庭获得新的,更福彩3d论坛的饮食所需要的推动力。感谢您分享对改善福彩3d论坛的热情。您’ve告诉我,当父母生活忙碌时,有可能改善营养和福彩3d论坛状况。 ”
〜Rene W.,壳牌海滩,加利福尼亚